Walls of the Temple Mounth

Western Wall
Southern Wall


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circa 500 BCE

Wailing Wall

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount, originally eracted as part of the expansion of the Second Temple. It has several key features like Wailing wall, Robinson's Arch, Herodian Street, Wailing Wall Plaza (Kotel Plaza). The Western Wall is considered holy due to its connection to the Temple Mount.

circa 780 CE

Southern Wall of the Temple Mount

Southern Wall, 922 feet (281 m), is a wall at the southern end of the Haram al-Sharif and the former southern side of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. It was built during King Herod's expansion of the Temple Mount platform southward on to the Ophel. Major points of interest include Huldah Gates, Umayyad Palace, Crusader Gate, al Aqsa.

circa 780 CE

Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount

The Eastern Wall is an ancient structure in Jerusalem that is both part of the eastern side of the city wall of Jerusalem and the eastern wall of the ancient Temple Mount. Parts of wall belong to several eras of history dating as far back as to the time Hezekiah's reign. Several renovations to the wall were made during the times of Hezekiah, Zerubbabel, Hasmonean and Herodian periods.

circa 780 CE

Northern Wall of the Temple Mount

Today the Northern Wall is not an actual wall, rather a series of buildings constructed along the northern flank of the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount), northern wall of the Mount, together with the northern section of the western wall, is hidden behind residential buildings.

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