Huldah Gates

The Huldah Gates, are the two sets of now-blocked gates in the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount, situated in Jerusalem's Old City. The gates and passageways are now part of Masjid al-Aqsa al-Qadimi and Masjid al-Marwani.

circa 100 CE

The eastern set is a triple arched gate (the Triple Gate), these now walled up and constitues the qibla wall of Masjid al-Marwani (Solomon's Stables). Although walled up, the passageways are still functional and allow access to the recently built (circa 1996 CE) Masjid al-Marwan.

circa 100 CE

Each arch of the double gate led into an aisle of a passageway leading from the gate into the Mount, and to steps leading to the Mount's surface; when the al-Aqsa Mosque was built, the old steps were blocked, and the eastern aisle lengthened so that new steps from its end would exit north of the Mosque. The eastern portal of the double gate is now walled up and constitues the qibla wall of Masjid Aqsa al-Qadimi, the western portal although open it allowd entry in to a Fatimid era fortification tower's base, where recently a libray was established.

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