as-Sirat Bridge Marker (Armchair of Muhammad)

as-Sirat Bridge Marker or Armchair of Muhammad is a small protruding pillar close to the southern edge of Temple mount's (Haram al-Sharif) eastern wall. According to Islamic tradition this is the location where one end of the as-Sirat bridge will be hung. Also mentioned in a fifteenth century scroll the future site of the Bridge of Sirat is marked by an extant pillar protruding from the south end of the Haram’s eastern wall. For some unknown reason it is also called the Arm Chair or Seat of Muhammad.

circa 1200 CE

Protruding pillar in the eastern wall of Haram al-Sharif, Evliya also mentions that the site of the Bridge of Sirat was marked by a stone pillar, which still protrudes today from the outer face of the Haram’s eastern wall (near the south-east corner) overlooking the Valley of Hell, which according to Evliya had been moved to a higher position during Sultan Suleyman’s restoration of that wall.

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