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Abrahamic Archaeology

In the context of Madain Project, "Abrahamic archaeology" refers neither to a specific time period, nor to a particular geographical region, as Islam, Christianity and Judaisn are global and the center of the "Abrahamic world" has shifted many times over the centuries. Likewise, it is not defined by a single methodology or theoretical construct. The term refers to the archaeological study of Islamic, Christian, Judaic societies, polities, and communities, wherever they are found. It may be considered a type of "historical" archaeology, in which the study of historically (textually) known societies can be studied through a combination of "texts and tell".
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Where It All Began

Abrahamic archaeology is a rapidly expanding area of study, with archaeological projects now being conducted from the Iberian Peninsula to Central Asia, in sub-Saharan and East Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Indonesia.
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The term Abrahamic archaeology may be broadly defined as the examination of the physical remains of human activity and of the wider environment in regions of the world where the ruling elite professed the faith of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
---- Abrahamic Archaeology


Abrahamic Archaeology. The first and foremost mission of Madain Project is to locate and identify the sites mentioned in Abrahamic Texts and other contemporary sources and conduct multidisciplinary and systematic study of these historical sites. The project has a number of over-arching aims

  • Improve our understanding of the surviving archaeological resources
  • To make the research available to the widest range of audience possible and especially to enhance the educational uses of this website and the archaeological resources.

Current Project Specific Activities

  • Secondary Research, collection and archiving of already available data
  • Development of a user-friendly web archive
  • Research and link the sites with people, incidents, and eras of Abrahamic religions.

Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem

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