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Abrahamic Archaeology

What this is all about?

Abrahamic Archaeology. The first and foremost mission of Madain Project is to locate and identify the sites associated with Abrahamic faiths and conduct multidisciplinary and systematic study of these historical sites. The project has a number of over-arching aims

  • Improve our understanding of the surviving archaeological resources
  • To make the research available to the widest range of audience possible and especially to enhance the educational uses of this website and the archaeological resources.


The purpose of the Madain Project is to create a viable platform upon which knowledge pertaining to the field of History and Archaeology can be shared, with a focus on three major Abrahamic religions.

The Madain Project aims to expand the general intellectual frame of reference to transcend the barriers of geography, socio-economic status and religion, and to foster a spirit of collaboration and open dialogue.

Madain Project makes accessible an extensive collection of resources for students, educators, and professionals, and is a particularly useful tool for individuals who have limited access to relevant resourced. Madain Project also strives to include resources that are not widely or easily available.

Current Project Specific Activities

  • Secondary Research, collection and archiving of already available data
  • Development of a user-friendly web archive
  • Research and link the sites with people, incidents, and eras of Abrahamic religions.

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Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem