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We'd love to have you on board with us. There's a little bit of historian in all of us. Share the historian in you by becoming a contributor to the Madain Project. :)

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Become a content contributor

We're proud to have some brilliant minds on board with us, and we're continously looking for people who can provide valuable insights in to the subject of Abrahamic History & Archaeology. Our aim is not to publish the most content, but to publish the best, most helpful resouces, to help develop a better and more precise undertanding of the history and archaeology.

We invite you to share your knowledge of history. At Madain Project articles submitted will be double-checked by staff and reliable partners to make sure that the material is the most correct information available.

Send us an email on how you'd like to contribute, madainproject[@]

I've found a mistake.

Great! just drop us an email on madainproject[@] with the page URL and the section where the mistake resides, and we will definitely take a look. Please rest assured that the articles on Madain Project are thoroughly editied and veted by experts and only then are made live.

Have you traveled?

Well that's just great. It's always great to hear from someone who has been to places we all love and admire. You can share your experience with us in short-episode travelogues. Your travelogues can be short write-ups about the places you've visited or experiences of a travel that you undetook.

I would like to donate/contribute some money.

We need your help to stay live in year 2024. Until February 2021 CE, us the volunteers working at the Madain Project covering costs from our own pocteks. But due to recent rise in costs and increase in user-base we're forced to ask for assistance from kind patrons like you. If you like our work, or love history and archaeology, please send us an email and we will share our banking information with you.

We do not need a lot, still during the year we will be covering most of the costs by ourselves, we need only £15,300/- to pay for the servers and equipment. So, please give if you can.

Do you like writing, editing?

Articles on Madain Project are backed by published research. It is important that you're familiar with well-sourced academic style writing, so it provides proper overview and adequate insight in to the subject matter. Our articles follow a very speific line of write-up to deliver the best possible understanding of the subject matter. For this we have an internal editing process where authors submit their articles and editors provide their feedback on how to bring them inline with the Madain Project's style.

Like taking photographs?

Send in your work and we will have it featured in our articles, with due credits of course. :)

Unfortunately, our editors do not accept any unsolicited photographs for publication. They plan articles and features months, sometimes even more time in advance and make assignments based on the coverage envisioned. The only excaption is that you've a better photograph that is already featured on an existing article, or if you think your photograph falls within the scope of the Madain Project's definition.

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