Middle EastMasjid al-Aqsa

Legend: Points of Interest
Arabia Ubar
Bahrain al Khamis Mosque
Cyprus Public bathhouse in ancient Kourion, Cyprus
Egypt Anhour Khaou, Chief Builder at Thebes, Seated with His Wife and Grandchildren wall painting from the tomb of Anhour Khaou, Thebes (20th Dynasty: 1200-1080 BCE)
Iraq Ur
Jordan al-Khazneh (The Treasury), Petra
Kuwait The Hellenistic Temple on Failaka Island
Lebanon Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek
Oman Qalhat Friday Mosque
Palestine/Israel Dome of Rock
Qatar Al Ruwais Historical Masjid, Qatar
Syria Umayyad Mosque, Damascus
Turkey Hagia Sophia
United Arab Emirates al-Badiyah Mosque
Yemen Sun Temple M'arib