The following section contains information on how to use the Madain Project website. The following article combines information about how to use the Madain Project website in the most effective manner.

  • Using the Madain Project Website
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  • Photograph Requests and Fees
    Photographs from the Madain Project website can be used directly without any prior permission, as long as the watermark is not removed and images are properly credited.
    Please contact us to obtain high resolution, watermark-free images, quoting the full reference numbers of those in which you are interested.
    Although no reproduction charge is normally made (a small donation is always appreciated) for use of photographs in research, academic articles or in limited print books intended for an academic audience. An administration fee may be charged however. You should inform us of your proposed use when requesting any photographs.
    If photos are for commercial undertakings such as online articles, video, exhibitions, magazines, newspapers or books aimed at a popular audience, there is a reproduction fee based on medium and circulation.
    Most of the photographs are taken by individual contributors and editors. While the individual who has taken the photograph(s) has signed over the right for the images to be distributed by the Madain Project, the individual still retains the formal right to be identified as the photographer. Wherever possible, a credit to the photographer should be published with the photograph(s). The photographer's name is indicated in the copyright field of the EXIF metadata attached to each photograph. You will also be informed of this information when you request images from us.
    We would greatly appreciate if you notified us when our images appear in a publication, and if possible, send us an offprint for our records.

  • Editors of the Madain Project
    The articles on the Madain Project Archive website are meticulously researched, and go through an extensive editorial process before they are made live. A team of at least two editors works (write, review or revise) on one article at any given time, these editors are experts, professionals, and or enthusiasts who hold academic credentials or have worked in the field for years. The lack of formal acknowledgement of contributions by any individual or group of individuals is our editorial policy at the moment, since we're still working on our editorial process, all the while learning from our work, to make it better, transparent and complimentary. We're working on a formal method to attribute the authorship to one particular "author" or "editor", and credit it by name to the individual (editors, experts or other members of the Madain Project community).

  • Featured Articles
    Featured articles are considered to be some of the best articles Madain Project has to offer, as determined by an elected team of at least four editors. These articles are used by the editors as a starting point or examples for writing new articles or expand on existing ones. Before being listed as featured, articles are reviewed as featured article candidates for accuracy, neutrality, completeness, style and relevance to the scope of the Madain Project. Explore featured articles

  • What is a stub article?
    A stub article is a short but comprehensive article, that contains some information on the subject but the editors have tagged it as 'stub' because some information is still to be added. Any article which contains up to 75% of the information that is to be added, will be regarded as a stub.
    Stub is by no means an incomplete article, it merely represents that there's additional information that will be added soon enough, and once all the elements of information have been added this tag is removed. Information that is to be added to a particular article is planned in advance, any article needs to cover nearly all the aspects of any given subject.

  • What is an archived copy?
    An archived copy is a saved page of any article that has been added to the Web Archive's Wayback Machine
    Articles on the Madain Project are regularly and continously updated by the editors, in order to maintain transparency we add all the pages to the Wayback Machine before making updates. This is somewhat similar to the history maintained by the Wikipedia of its articles.

  • Photography
    This section provides some tips for on how to photograph
    1. Try to keep the light source behind you as much as possible.
    2. Try to keep the camera horizontal as much as possible.
    3. Consider a small hand-held tripod.
    4. Try the rule of the thirds.
    5. There's no need to buy expensive equipment.
    6. Experiment with camera settings ahead of travels.
    7. Most of the times your mobile phone would work perfectly.

  • Contacting Madain Project
    Here's how you can reach us.
    Email: [email protected]

  • I would like to contribute.
    The Madain Project is open to anyone who wants to contribute in any relevant manner, possible. Please check out this article to see how your can make your contribution and become part of an awesome project.

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