Qasr al-Farid

The Qasr al-Farid (meaning ‘Lonely Castle’) is located in the archaeological site of Madâin Sâlih (known also as al-Hijr or Hegra) in the north of Saudi Arabia. Although called a castle, the Qasr al-Farid was actually a tomb constructed around the 1 st century CE.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 570 CE Qasr al-Farid, an unfinished tomb that stands alone is the largest tomb at the Mada’in Saleh archaeological site. Reported to be four stories high such monuments were meant to be an indication of the wealth and the social status. N/A
c. 570 CE Unlike other tombs in it's surroundings Qasr al-Farid has four pillars rather than two. As the quality of the work is rougher on the lower part of the tomb’s façade, it has been suggested that the monument was fashioned from the top down. It may also be possible that other similar monuments were also made in such a manner. N/A
c. 570 CE North-east exposure of the Qasr al-Farid "lonely castle" N/A
c. 570 CE Rear exposure N/A