Incense Route

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Date Landscape Notes Reference
Land stops
c. 100 CE Colonnade street in ancient city of Petra The City of Petra Petra National Trust
c. 629 CE Khaybar Ruins Khaybar Oasis was another major stop along the Incense Route. N/A
Sea Ports
c. 629 CE Adulis A 5th century Byzantine basilica near Adulis port, excavated in 1914. N/A
c. 629 CE Remains of an old lighthouse at Okelis (Muza) Muza (Okelis) was an important Red Sea Port, it was a busy trading port during Nabatean and Roman era. It might have been one of the ports used by Muslim Migrants to cross Red Sea and reach Aksum. N/A
Last Updated: June 29, 2015