Tomb of Solomon (Hazrat Suleman As)

The mausoleum of prophet Suleyman, is located in the (Temple Mount) along the eastern wall

It is also known as the Kursi-i Suleiman (the chair of Solomon) or the foot-stool of Solomon. Another structure, Dome of Solomon, on the north side of the (Temple Mount) is also labeled as the Throne of Solomon or the Kursi-i Suleiman.

This is a memorial that was probably built to commemorate the Prophet Suleyman (Solomon). It is located within the plaza of Haram al-Sharif, which supports its eastern wall. The building has a large hall divided into different areas, one of which is the prayer area with a mihrab. It is surmounted by two shallow domes. The hall also includes a symbolic tomb which might allude to the tomb of Suleyman or his throne. The building is presently used as an institute for Hadith (Dar al-Hadith).

Date Landscape Notes Reference
The facade of Solomon's (Suleyman As) tomb in , Jerusalem N/A
Latest Update: February 11, 2015
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