Scale(s) Arches (Qanatir)

These are the approach arches to Dome of Rock platform, also known as al-Meezan, according to legend on the Day of Judgement the scales of judgement will be suspended to these arches or in place of these arches.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
Southern Arches
Southern side of the Dome of Rock platform has two sets of arches one with 4 arches in the center and 3 on the south-eastern corner of the platform.
c. 690 CE Set of arches on the Southern side of the platform, with 4 arches. To the left of the picture Pulpit of Burhan ul-Din and Dome of Yusuf are also partially visible and Dome of Rock to the right. N/A
c. 690 CE 3 arches on the south-eastern corner of the platform, with Dome of the Chain and Dome of Rock buildings partially visible. N/A
Western Arches
Western side of the Qubat ul-Sakhr'a platform has three sets of arches, two with 4 arches and one with 3 arches.
c. 690 CE The set of 3 arches on the south-western cornet of the Qubat ul-Sakhra platform with Dome of al-Nahawiya to the right. N/A
c. 690 CE Arches at the main (center) approach stairway, these are located closest to the Qubat ul-Sakhr'a and leads directly to the western entrance of Dome of Rock. The Sebil-i Qayt Bay and the Bab al-Silsila Minaret are also visible in the background. N/A
c. 690 CE Arches on the nort-western corner of the inner platform, with Dome of Spirits to the right and Minaret of Bani Ghanim in the far background. Directly behind the Qubat ul-Arwa'h (Dome of Spirits) are some of the administrative buildings. N/A
Northern Arches
The two sets of arches on the Northern side of the platform are almost identical, with three arches each and located almost in the middle of the platform close to each other.
c. 690 CE The North-western set of arches, leads directly to the King Faisal Gate (Bab Atim), Sebil-i Sultan Suleyman and Qubbat ul-Ushuq (Iwan of Sultan Mahmud II). N/A
c. 690 CE The North-eastern set of arches, with some of the administrative buildings on both sides. These arches lead to the Absolution Gate or the Bab-i Hittah located on the northern flank of Haram al-Sharif. N/A
Eastern Arches
On the eastern side there is a single set of five arches.
c. 690 CE Partial view of the eastern arches, looking towards Mount of Olives, the golden domes of Church of Mary Magdalene are also visible in the background. N/A
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