Iwan of Sultan Mahmud II (Dome of Lovers of Prophet)

Iwan of Sultan Mahmud II or most commonly known as Dome of Lovers of Prophet is a freestanding dome on the northern side of the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif). It is also called Dome of Suleyman pasha.


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circa 1750 CE

The facade of the dome building, The Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II wanted to leave a landmark that commemorates him inside al-Aqsa Mosque, thus he built this dome in the northern part of the mosque next to the Gate of Darkness in 1223 AH/808 AC. The dome is made of a square building which is open from all sides and topped with a small dome. The building is based on four stone pillars built over a platform that is half a meter higher than the rest of AlAqsa’s grounds. It is also known by the name “The Lovers of the Prophet Dome” because Sufi Sheikhs used to gather under it for prayers and remembrance of Allah.

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