Sabil Sultan Suleiman

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The Sabil of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent is located near the Gate of Darkness over a platform that carries the same name; it was endowed in 1541 CE (948 Hj.). The Islamic Heritage Committee in coordination with the Waqf Directorate added an ablution to it in 1997 between the Sabeel’s building and the Dome of the Prophet’s Lovers.

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circa 1537 CE

Sabil of Sultan Suleyman, also known as Sabil Bab Attim Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount). It is located immediatly inside the Bab e Shah Faisal (Dark Gate) and faces Iwan of Sultan Mahmud, also known as the Dome of the Prophet’s Lovers. It is a free standing fountain and is fed through an aquaduct.

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