Churches in Jerusalem

This page attempts to enlist all the known churches in the city of Jerusalem

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 335 CE The Church of the Holy Sepulchre courtyard as seen after entering from Souq al-Dabbagh, the stairs to the left lead to the Saint Helena road. To the right is the Chapel of the Franks (10th station of Via Dolorosa). The main dome of the Holy Sepulchre is behind the bell tower. Wikipedia
c. 1138 CE Church of Saint Anne
c. Facade of the Church of all Nations (Basillica of Agony).
c. CE The interior of the al-Maulawiya Mosque, also known as the Saint Agnes Church. It's originally a tenth century mosque which was contverted in to a church by Crusaders and named "Saint Agnes Church" in 1099 CE, it was converted back to the mosque after their defeat.
c. Facade of the Church of Mary Magdalene.
c. Church of Pater Noster at the Mount of Olives. It is part of a Carmelite monastery', also known as the Sanctuary of the Eleona (Domaine de l'Eleona). The modern Church of the Pater Noster is built right next to the site of a fourth-century basilica commissioned by Constantine I to commemorate the Ascension of Jesus Christ.
c. View of the Dominus Flevit Church from the courtyard, a Roman Catholic church on the Mount of Olives, opposite the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is constructed in the shape of water drop to commemorate the Flevit super illam event as mentioned in the Gospel of Luke.
c. Chapel of Ascension at the Mount of Olives is now situated inside the courtyard of a 12th century Ayyubid mosque. Situated in the al-Tur district of Jerusalem, traditionally believed to be the earthly spot where Jesus ascended into Heaven forty days after his resurrection, according to the christian tradition. It houses a slab of stone believed to contain one of his footprints.
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