Mosque of Ascension

Mosque of Ascension is a small mosque located on Mount of Olives. Current structure was built during the last decade of 12th century by Saladin. The inner courtyard that surrounds the Chapel of Ascension is now a part of the mosque.

circa 1187 CE

Mosque of Ascension at the Mount of Olives. After the conquest of Jerusalem in 1187, Christians abandoned the church and monastery at the site. Salah ul-Din established Mount of Olives as a Waqf, the chapel was converted to a mosque and a mehrab was installed in it, but the non-muslim pilgrimage continued to the chapel.

circa 1187 CE

Courtyard of the mosque with Chapel of Ascension to the left and minaret of the mosque to the right. As a sign of goodwill the chapel was converted back to a Christian structure in 1189 on the orders of Saladin, octagonal walls and guard towers were also built to enhance the existing building.

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