al-Maulawiya Mosque

al-Maulawiya Mosque (مسجد المولوية), an older mosque transformed by the Crusaders into the Church of St Agnes and turned back into a mosque after their defeat.


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circa 1050 CE

Mosque is situated in an extremly crowded and the highest point in the city, in the center of al-Saadia, specifically at the end of a road known in the Mamluk era by the path of Ibn Jarrah and the alley of the Saadian. In the Ottoman era, it known as the Saadian or Hoash al-Saadi, and it known as the mulawiya or the mulawiya.

circa 1050 CE

The Khanka’a consists of a cross-shaped building with a shallow dome, with an area of ​​314 square meters, with two doors, one east and the other west, up to a suspended balcony, in addition to a north window and another south and a third east parallel to the minaret.

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