Prophets and Messengers Mentioned in Quran

This page enlists all the people mentioned in Quran as prophets and messengers by name or otherwise.

Date(s) (by) Name Arabic Prophet Messenger Imam King Book Sent to Law
Adam (آدم) x[1]
Enoch (اﺩﺭﻳﺲ) x
Noah (ﻨوح) x x People of Noah x
Hud (ﻫـﻮد) x 'Aad
Saleh (صـاﻠـﺢ) x Thamud
c. 2000 BCE Abraham (ابـراﻫﻳﻡ) x x x Scrolls of Ibrahim People of Ibrahim x
Ishmael (اﺴـﻤَﻌـﻴـل) x x
Isaac (اﺴـﺣـَاق) x x
c. 1600 BCE Jacob (ﻴـﻌـقـوب) x x
c. 1550 BCE Joseph (ﻴـوﺴـف) x
Lot (لـوﻂ) x x People of Lot
Job (اﻴـوب) x
Jethro (شـعـيب) x Midian
c. 1200 BCE Aaron (هـارون) x
c. 1200 BCE Moses (مـوسـى) x x Torah Pharaoh and his establishment x
c. 1200 BCE Joshua (ﻴـشـوع) x
c. 1000 BCE Samuel (صـموئيـل) x
c. 1000 BCE David (داؤد) x x Zabur
c. 950 BCE Solomon (سـليمان) x x
c. 874-852 BCE Elijah (الـيـاس) x x People of Iliyas x
c. 850-798 BCE Elisha (الـيسـاع) x
c. 784-722 BCE Jonah (يـونـس) x x People of Jonah
c. 592-570 BCE Ezekiel (ذُوالـكفـل) x
c. 538-458 BCE Ezra (عُـزيـر) x
c. 520-518 BCE Zachariah (زَكـريـا) x
c. 6 BCE - 26 CE John (يـﺤـي) x
c. 10 CE Jesus (عـيـسي) x x Injil People of Israel x
c. 570 CE Muhammad pbuh (مـﺤمد) x x x Quran Whole mankind and Jinn x
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