Aaron (Haroun)

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Aaron (هارون) was the younger brother of Moses, who according to Quranic and Biblical traditions shared in his prophethood. He is a prophet, high priest, and the brother of Moses in the Abrahamic religions. Aaron [Arabic: Harun] is brother of Moses and Miriam. Q 19:53 refers to Aaron as a prophet, and in Exodus 7:1 it is stated that God made Aaron to be the prophet of Moses.

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Maqam Haroun

circa 1400 BCE

The shrine covering the supposed grave of Haroun, on the peak of Jabl Haroun, Petra. According to Bible (Deut. 10:6) he died in Sinai, but his tomb was later moved to Mount Hor, south of Petra. Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad son of Qalawun restored the shrine in 1320 CE. The shrine is surmounted by a white dome and a crypt is located under the prayer hall.

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