Ibrahim As (Biblical Abraham)

Known as Abraham in the Old Testament is recognized as a prophet and apostle in Islam.


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circa 2000 BCE

Upper image: Ibrahim preparing to sacrifice Ismail As. The angel appears with the ram at right. (Lower image:) Ibrahim (Abraham) As miraculously unharmed after being cast into fire, watched by Nimrod at the right. Zubdat-al Tawarikh (Illustrated manuscript), 1583 CE. A folio from the Iranian Stories of the Prophets.

circa 2000 BCE

These are the ruins of city of Ur the birthplace of Ibrahim, Nassiriyah, Iraq. The great Ziggurat can be seen in background.

circa 2000 BCE

"Tomb of Abraham," cenotaph above the cave traditionally considered to be the burial place of Abraham and Sarah in the Haram al-Ibrahimi (Cave of the Patriarchs).

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