Dome of Rock Qubat ul-Sakhr'a

The dome of the Rock shrine, with the large golden dome and an octagon structure, was built by the Umayyad Khalif Abdul-Malik ibn Marwan in 691 (72 year according to Muslim calendar), and named it after Omar. It is one of the most beautiful and enduring shrines in the World, and remained almost untouched throughout the years. The rock is, according to Muslim tradition, the spot where prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ascended to heaven.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 690 CE Dome of Rock (Qubat ul-Sakhr'a) at (Haram al-Sharif) Wikipedia
c. Dome of Rock as seen from Mount of Olives, Jerusalem Wikipedia
c. Well of Souls at Temple Mount Panoramic view of the Well of Souls underneath the Foundation Stone Saudi Aramco World
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