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Zawiyat al-Afghani

Originally built in 1043 CE, Zawiyat al-Afghani (زاوية الأفغاني) is a Waqf (trust) situated in Muslim Quarter of the Old city of Jerusalem in Sultan Barkuka street. The Zawiya is located on Barquq street, adjacent to the northern side ofTemple Mount/ Haral Al-Sharif, next to Bab al-Ghawanima. The structure has typical Afghan characteristics and stands out among the roofs of the adjacent buildings.


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circa 1043 CE

The façade of Al-Zawiya Al-Afghaniyya, the building that houses a Sufi order in the Old City of Jerusalem, is plain. One enters through the zawiya’s pointed arch portal which is three steps above street level and flanked by stone benches on both sides. Above the entrance is an inscription showing the zawiya’s name, order, founder, and the date in which it was built. The complex was rebuilt in the 17th century and served as a hostel for Muslim pilgrims from Afghanistan.

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