Tower of David Exhibitions

The reliefs, exhibitions, works of art, models installed at the Jerusalem Citadel

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. The Model of Jerusalem by Stephen Illes is a 1:500 scale model of the city of Jerusalem. The scale model reflects the city under the later stages of Ottoman rule. It is currently on exhibition at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem.
c. The cutaway model of Dome of Rock inside the al-Qala'a Mosque, with Mehrab and the pulpit in the background.
c. Saladin (right) and Richard the Lionheart (left), King of England, an equestrian statue in front of David Citadel. It is one of the several reliefs installed at and around the Jerusalem Citadel including a 19th century model of Jerusalem, Statue of King David.
c. The 1:100 scale aluminum model depicts the structure of the Jerusalem citadel as it is today in detail, including the moat surrounding it, its lavish entrance and the minaret which is called the “Tower of David”. Architectural details such as stones, openings and terraces are depicted in minute detail and the archaeological elements are represented by different textures.
c. In 1476 the statue was sold to the municipality of Florence by the sons of Piero, Lorenzo and Giuliano de Medici (who wanted to divide their father's inheritance between them) . The statue was made in the spirit of Donatello's "David" (also commissioned by the Medici) and was in the courtyard of Cosmo de 'Medici's palace.
c. Jerusalem’s water system was restored during the rule of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Eight fountains (sabils) were built throughout the city providing water to its residents and to visitors for generations.
c. Crusader era Jerusalem
c. Replica of Temple Warning Inscription
c. Assyrian Siege of the city
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