al-Qal'a Mosque (Masjid Mehrab e Dawud)

al-Qal'a Mosque also known as the Masjid Qala'a e Dawud or Mehrab e Qala'a Daood is a small mosque located within the Qal'a (citadel) of Jerusalem, south of Bab al-Khalil (Jaffa Gate). The mosque is in the southern part of the Citadel's eastern barbican. The ditch of the Citadel, along with the battlements placed above its glacis, border this mosque from east, west, and south. A wall separating the mosque from the barbican to the north, borders it from the north.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. Interior of the Ottoman Mosque, with Mehrab and the pulpit, it has been converted in a museum. Originally there were six recesses with slits are symmetrically placed in the western wall of the hall, with the piers located along the wall separating those recesses from each other. The western and eastern recesses were blocked when the mihrab and the minbar were installed.
c. Entrance to the mosque (left) inside the Jerusalem Citadel. It is a single vaulted hall aligned along the north-south direction.
c. Entrance to the mosque is accessed from its eastern side through an entrance porch inside the Jerusalem Citadel.
c. The tablet above the entrance door of the citadel's mosque. The mosque of the Citadel served as a Friday mosque, and was the only Friday mosque within the walls of the city other than al-Aqsa Mosque. It was intended to serve the garrison of the Citadel.
c. Southwest corner of the Jerusalem Citadel with the al-Qala'a or the Mehrab of David Mosque. The mosque extends along the western side of the upper floor of the Citadel's southwestern tower complex. This southwestern tower complex, to which the minaret belongs was constructed during the time of either Sultan Qalawun or Sultan Suleiman.
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