Tomb of Abbas

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The Tomb of Abbas (مقبرة عباس), also known as the Tomb of Ahl al-Bayt (مقبرة أهل البيت), was an Ottoman Era free-standing building; constructed as a monument enclosing the graves of Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib (the paternal uncle of prophet Muhammad) and some other family members including Fatima (daughter of prophet Muhammad). The Tomb or mausoleum of 'Abbas in the historic cemetery of Jannat ul-Baqi, is believed to be the burial site of 'Abbas ibn Muttalib, Fatima bint Muhammad, Imam Hassan ibn 'Ali, Zain ul-'Abideen, Imam Baqir, Imam Jaffar Sadiq.


The Mausoleum of ahl-i Bayt before 1926 demolition. Although its original build date is not known, it is speculated that it was either built during Ottoman period circa 1600 CE or this was a reconstrcuted structure after the first demolition by the Saudis in 1806 CE. It was demolished in April 1926 along other mausoleum structures within the Baqi ul-Gharqad.

The Mausoleum of ahl-i Bayt

Historical Accounts

circa 1280 CE

The Mausoleum of ahl-i Bayt

Account of Ibn Jubair
Umar Ibn Jubair describes al-Baqi as he saw it during his travel to Madina, saying "al-Baqi is situated to the east of Madina. The grave of Hasan bin Ali (a), situated near the gate to it's right hand, has an elevated dome over it. His head lies at the feet of Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib, and both graves are raised high above the ground, their walls are paneled with yellow plates and studded with beautiful star-shaped nails.

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