Jannat ul-Baqi (Baqi Gharqad)

Jannat ul-Baqi is a cemetery in Medina located to the southeast of the Masjid al-Nabawi (The Prophet's Mosque). The mosque is built where the prophet Muhammad used to live, and is currently buried. The cemetery is also known as Jannatul Baqi, meaning "The Garden of Baqi" and Baqiul Qarqad, which means "Baqi of the Boxthorn". It contains many of Muhammad's relatives and companions. Many traditions relate Muhammad issuing a prayer every time he passed it.

According to Islamic Tradition, more than ten thousand companions of prophet Muhammad are buried here. Some of the graves are that of Fatima bint-i Muhammad, Imam Hassan ibn-i 'Ali, Zain ul-'Abideen, Imam Baqir, Imam Jaffar Sadiq.

Mausoleums of several prominent Muslims were built in the cemetery since 9th century CE, Mausoleum of Uthman being the first.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 610 CE Jannat ul-Baqi or Baqi ul-Gharqad Modern day view of the cemetery. N/A
c. 650 CE The Grave of Uthman ibn Affan The grave of Uthman ibn Affan is one of the notable graves in Baqi ul-Gharqad. N/A
c. 650 CE The Grave of Ibrahim The grave of Ibrahim, son of Prophet Muhammad in Baqi ul-Gharqad is among the notable interments of the cemetery N/A
Jannatul Baqi before 1926 Demolitions
c. 1800 CE The Baqi ul-Gharqad cemetery, Medina The Baqi cemetery before 1926 demolition. N/A
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