ahl ul-Bayt Enclave (Graves of ahl-ul Bayt Enclave)

ahl ul-Bayt graves enclave is a octagonal wall enclosure where according to Islamic Traditions, a few of the ahl ul-Bayt (members of Prophet Muhammad's family) are believed to be buried. The enclave is located a towards the north-east a few yards from the main western entrance. This enclave includes the graves of

Fatima bint Muhammad
Abbas bin abi Talib
Imam Jaffar Sadiq
Imam Muhammad Baqir
Imam Zain ul-'Abideen
Imam Hassan ibn 'Ali

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 650 CE Aerial view of ahl ul-Bayt Graves Enclave Aerial view of the ahl ul-Bayt graves enclave in in Baqi ul-Gharqad from south-western flank. N/A
c. 650 CE ahl ul-Bayt Graves Enclave Panoramic street level view of the ahl ul-Bayt graves enclave in Janant ul-Baqi cemetery. N/A
c. 650 CE The Grave of 'Abbas ibn 'abd ul-Muttalib The grave on the right is the grave of 'Abbas, paternal uncle of Prophet Muhammad. N/A
c. 650 CE The grave of Fatima Bint Muhammad The grave of Fatima is located on the northern flank of the enclave. N/A
c. 650 CE The graves of Imam Jaffar, Imam Baqir, Imam Zain, Imam Hassan The other graves within the enclave are those of (left to right): Imam Jaffar Sadiq, Imam Muhammad Baqir, Imam Zain ul-'Abideen, Imam Hassan ibn 'Ali N/A
Latest Update: June 22, 2015