ahl ul-Bayt Enclave (Graves of ahl-ul Bayt Enclave)

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The ahl ul-Bayt graves enclave (مرقد أهل البيت) is an octagonal wall enclosure where according to Islamic Traditions, a few of the ahl ul-Bayt (members of Prophet Muhammad's family) are believed to be buried.


Aerial view of the ahl ul-Bayt graves enclave in in Baqi ul-Gharqad from south-western flank. The enclave is located a towards the north-east a few yards from the main western entrance. The graves of ahl al-Bayt are located some 250 meters east of the prophet Muhammad's Tomb.

This enclave includes the graves of Fatima bint Muhammad
Abbas bin abi Talib
Imam Jaffar Sadiq
Imam Muhammad Baqir
Imam Zain ul-'Abideen
Imam Hassan ibn 'Ali

Aerial view of ahl ul-Bayt Graves Enclave


circa 650 CE

The Grave of 'Abbas ibn 'abd ul-Muttalib

'Abbas ibn 'Abdul Muttalib
The single grave on the left is the grave of 'Abbas ibn 'Abdul Muttalib, paternal uncle of Prophet Muhammad. The single one to the north (right) of the enclave is the grave of Fatima, separate from the other graves. She was the first person from Ahl al-Bayt (Household of prophet Muhammad) buried in this cemetery.

circa 650 CE

ahl ul-Bayt Graves Enclave

Panoramic street level view of the ahl ul-Bayt graves enclave in Janant ul-Baqi cemetery. The other graves (behind the single grave of Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib) within the enclave are those of (left to right): Imam Jaffar Sadiq, Imam Muhammad Baqir, Imam Zain ul-'Abideen, Imam Hassan ibn 'Ali. Today these four graves are assimilated together as such, that they seem like a single grave.

Ottoman Era Mausoleum

circa 650 CE

Originally a mausoleum was built over the graves of ahl al-Bayt during the Ottoman era, it was demolised circa 1810 CE and follwing the reconstruction in the mid-19th century, was destroyed again in the 1925 or 1926 demolitions. During these demolitions, the tombs of some 7,000 people were destroyed, who were said to have ties with the prophet Muhammad.


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