1926 Demolitions

On 21 April 1926, the mausoleums in al-Baqi were destroyed by king Ibn Saud with the support of Ibn Abd-ul-Vahab. In the same year, he also demolished the tombs at Mualla Cemetery in Mecca where Muhammad's first wife Khadijah, his grandfather and other ancestors are buried. This happened despite protests by the international Islamic community.

It is note worthy that although the tombs and mausoleums were demolished no graves were destroyed during the demolition process.

Other graves included that of Fatima bint-i Muhammad, Imam Hassan ibn-i 'Ali, Zain ul-'Abideen, Imam Baqir, Imam Jaffar Sadiq.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
Jannatul Baqi (Baqi ul-Gharqad) before 1926 Demolitions
c. 1800 CE Jannat ul-Baqi before demolitions The cemetery of Jannat ul-Baqi before 1926 demolitions. The large structure to the extreme right is the Mausoleum of ahl ul-Bayt, the first smaller structure from right to left was of Daughters of the prophet and the square structure at the bottom of the picture was an old mosque. The group of the multiple smaller structures belonged to the prophet Muhammad's wives, Ibrahim ibn Muhammad, Abdullah bin jaffar thayaar, Imam Nafi’i and a few others. N/A
Jannatul Mualla before 1926 Demolitions
c. 1800 CE The Mausoleum of ahl-i Bayt The Jannat ul-Mu'alla before 1926 demolitions. The largest dome to the left belongs to the tomb of Khadijah. The relatively smaller dome belongs the tomb of Aminah bint Wahab, and the twin domes in the background belong to the tombs of abu Talib, abd Manaf, Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, Abdul Mutallib, Abu Talib and Qasim ibn Muhammad. N/A
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