al-Omari Mosque

The Al-Omari Mosque (Arabic: المسجد العمري‎‎) is an early Islamic-era mosque in the Roman city of Bosra, Syria. It was founded by Caliph Umar, who led the Muslim conquest of Syria in 636 CE, and it was completed in the early 8th century by Caliph Yazid II. The mosque was renovated in the 12th and 13th century CE by the Ayyubid dynasties.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 900 CE The north-western exposure of the mosque, with the minaret in the background.
c. 900 CE Interior of the al-Omari Mosque, looking towards the Qibla wall
c. 900 CE The central courtyard of the mosque, with its highly disciplined plan and expressive and almost chaotic use of roman spolia. Mosque as it was in 2004 CE.
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