Monstery of Bahira

This structure is most commonly known and believed to be the basilica of Bahira, according to Islamic tradition with whome Muhammad met on his way to Syria during a trade trip.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. Monastery of Bahira Monastery of Bahira the Monk N/A
c. Inscription at Bahira's Monastery in Bosra A fine dedicatory inscription (CIL III, 89), within a tabula ansata, reused above the entrance to the church of Bahira. Set up by the optiones and centurions of Legio III Cyrenaica to the provincial governor (and consul designate), Aelius Aurelius Theonus. The additional titles of the legion (Valeriana Galeriana) and the form of the governor's name suggest a mid-3rd century AD date for the piece. N/A
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