Pilgrimage Church of St. Peter in Capernaum

The Pilgrimage Church of St. Peter in Capernaum also called St. Peter's Church is a modern Catholic pilgrimage church found in the archaeological site of Capernaum.


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circa 1980 CE

The main entrance to the quadrangular oculus built over first century st. Peter's house and fifth century church. The church is part of the Franciscan monastery in Capernaum. It is dedicated to St. Peter, which Catholics consider the first leader of the Church.

circa 100 CE

Archaeological excavations carried out in this place discovered another layer of residential structures, on which the first half of a first century church was built. An aerial view of the 1st century CE church remains, which was most likely converted from St. Peter's house, with part of the 4th century synagogue seen in the upper-left corner. A few of the foundations of the original structure can also be seen. It is considered "the first church in the world" and believed it could be the place where the house of the Apostle Peter was. In the 5th century an octagonal church was built in its place. In 1990 a church of modern pilgrimage was built over the remains of the ancient temples.

circa 100 CE

The modern structure over the fifth century remains as seen from the south end of the Capernaum Synagogue with basalt residential structure in the foreground.

circa 100 CE

The interior of the Franciscan Church. The Pilgrimage Church of St. Peter is located in the central part of the archaeological site of Capernaum, at an altitude of 195 meters p.p.m. on the west coast north of the Sea of Galilee, in the depression of the Jordan Valley, in northern Israel/Palestine.

circa 100 CE

Open air alter outside the Church building, with sea of Galilee in the background.

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