Maqam Sheikh Ahmad el-Dajani (Jerusalem)

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The Maqam or tomb of Ahmad al-Dajani (مقام شيخ أحمد الدجاني), is situated in the historic cemetery of Mamilla in Jerusalem. Sheikh Ahmad el-Dajani (1459–1561) was the head of the Sufis in Jerusalem and a recognized religious leader. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent appointed him the keeper of the David's tomb.


Recently renovated Maqam Sheikh Dajani, some of the building material can be seen in the lower left corner as well. Today the structure is locked and the family representatives hold the key. In 1933 CE, the photographer Zeev Alexandrovich photographed a series of pictures of the Mamilla cemetery, and the grave of Sheikh al-Dajani appears in a number of them.


circa 1560 CE

In the center of the room is a modern tombstone, placed there during the renovation. In the 17th century, Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi documented impressions from his visit to the Mamilla Cemetery, referring to the grave of Ahmad al-Dajani and those of his family members – Abd al-Manam al-Dajani and Yusuf al-Dajani – it may be that due to the importance of Sheikh Ahmad al-Dajani, those who were close to him asked to be buried beside him.

The Propety Squat Incident

circa 1560 CE

In 1986, an individual, described by representatives of the Dajani family as a criminal, took over the tomb structure and removed the tombs, following which he covered the walls with mirrors and opened a pub at the site. The Dajani family filed charges against the invader, and in 2012 managed to regain possession of the structure and renovate it at their own expense.


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