Fahad Gate (Bab-i al-Malik Fahad)

King Fahad Gate or (Bab al-Malik Fahad is located on the northern side of the main building and is the main entrance to the Prophet's Mosque.

circa 100 CE

King Fahad Gate

The main penta-arched entrance with, gate no. 20 is the right tall single arched gate and gate no. 21 is the left tall single arched gate. King Fahad Gate is comprised of three sections (three smaller gates), one single arched gate (gate no. 22) on the eastern flank of the main penta-arched gate (gate no. 21) and one single arched gate (gate no. 21) on the western flank.

circa 1483 CE

Bab as-Salam Minaret, Masjid al-Nabawi

There are two minarets of Bab e Malik Fahad, located on the northern flank of the mosque. The minarets are two of the six tallest minarets, reaching a height of 104 meters. These minarets were added during the last Saudi explansion of Masjid al-Nabawi. The masjid Nabawi has in total ten minarets.

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