Tawaf Distance

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The distance or length of a single tawaf (طواف) varies from 80 meters to 700 meters depending on where and how far from Kaaba the circumambulation is performed. Tawaf can be performed either on the Mataf ground or in one of the corridors or roof area around the Kabah. All the calulations are approximate, actual tawaf distance/length may vary because of several factors.


The width of Mataf area on ground varies from 50m (minimun) on the Masa'a side and about 80m (maximum) on the south side. The width of Mataf area on the Tawaf corridors and roofs varies from 52m (minimum) to about 135 meters (maximum).

At the end of the circling, Muslims go to the Station of Ibrahim to pray two rak'ahs of nafl prayer, and then drink water from the sacred Well of Zamzam, before proceeding to the next ritual of the Hajj, the Sa'yee.

Tawaf Length at Various Distances from Kaaba

circa 2020 CE

Performing tawaf closest to the Kaba constitutes about 75-80 meters per tawaf. And a total seven tawafs around Kaabah would make about 525-600 meter (about half a kilo meter). The circle of tawaf begins and ends at the Black Stone (al-Ḥajar al-'Aswad) on the corner of the Kaaba. If possible, Muslims are to kiss or touch it, but this is often not possible because of the large crowds, so it is acceptable for them to simply point or hold up their hand to the Stone on each circuit.

circa 2020 CE

Circumbulating around Kabah from the center of Mataf area with a distance of about 25-40 meters, will lengthen the tawaf distance by about 120-150 meters per tawaf. And total seven tawafs would make about 850 meters to 1050 meters (nearly a kilometer).

circa 2020 CE

Roof areas provide open area for tawaf, performing tawaf on the roofs is the lengthiest in distance with minimum and maximum both longer than the ground tawaf. Tawaf distance on the inner egde creates a distance of about ~550 meters per tawaf and then the outer edge creates a distance of about 725 meters per tawaf.

GroundsSituationsDistance from Kaba1 Tawaf Length
Mataf GroundClosest to Kaba1-2 meters~80 meters
Center of Mataf area38-42 meters~250 meters
Far ends of Mataf area50-80 meters~400 meters
Corridors/Roof AreasClosest to Kaba50-80 meters~550 meters
Far ends of Roofs/Corridors90-120 meters~720 meters


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