Route of First Migration to Abyssinia

Not much is known of the route taken by Muslims during their course of migration but the most likely route of the First Migration to Habshah (Abyssinia). The group left Mecca and headed towards either the Muza port (al-Mokha) or Aden Port, where they boarded a ship to cross the Red Sea. They reached at the Adulis port of Eritrea from there they travelled to Axum, capital of Najashi Ashama ibn-Abjar. The port of Aden is the most probable option that the Muslim migrants might have take during the seventh century as the fastest and the most secure route would have been the Incense route

circa 100 CE

Possible Route of First Migration from Mecca to Habsha. The route is not mentioned in any of the Muslim sources, but most probable rout can be Incense Route used by Frankincense traders during the antiquity. The migrants would have travelled from Mecca to Ma'rib in the Kingdom of Saba (modern day Yemen) then to Timna (Yemen) and then to either the sea port of Muza or Aden where they would have boarded a merchant ship heading towards the Ethiopian ports of Adulis and finally from there to Aksum the capital of Abyssinian Kingdom of Najashi


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