Miles of the Appian Way

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The term miles of the Appian Way (Miglia dell'Appia Antica) refers to the entire length of the Appian Way.


The Via Appia started in Rome at the Porta Capena (see note 1) near the Baths of Caracalla.

Although the modern day Via Appia starts at the Saint Sebastian Gate (Porta San Sebastiano) in the Aurelian Walls, the ancient Appian Way (Via Appia antica) started a bit to the north of the Baths of Caracalla.

List of the Miles

circa 312–308 BCE

Mile I
The first milestone column (prima colonna miliare)

circa 312–308 BCE

Mile IV
The Roman mile IV (miglio IV della Via Appia Antica) of the ancient Appian Way starts near the Capo di Bove and ends immediately after the tomb of Hilarius Fuscus.

circa 312–308 BCE

Mile V
The mile V ()


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