Barque Shrines of Seti II

The triple Barque Shrines of Seti II, built by his command in the 13th century BCE, served as a way station for the sacred barques of the Theban triad of the gods Amon, Mut and Khonsu. The exterior walls of the shrine depict reliefs showing Seti 2 making offerings to different deities.


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circa 1200 BCE

Boat shrines of Seti II, built in the time of Seti II, are dedicated to Theban Triad. The left most was dedicated to Mut, centeral was dedicated to Amun and right one was dedicated to Khonsu. The foundations, doorwells and first course were made of quartzite. The remainder of the building was sandstone.

circa 1200 BCE

Interior of the central barque chamber dedicated to Amun-Re.

circa 1200 BCE

The Shrines of Seti the second as seen from east towards west. The triple bark shrines would have housed the barks of Mut (west shrine), Amun (central shrine) and Khonsu (east shrine) during the various processions out of the temple made by the statues of the gods.

circa 1200 BCE

Peering into the left most chamber dedicated to Mut. The shrine is called "a place of honoring and praying to all the gods," and it may have served as a place where the average Egyptians could gather within the temple complex and pray. The blocks composing the northeast corner and west wall of the shrine were left undressed.

circa 1200 BCE

Rear wall of the Barque Shrines bearing inscriptions.

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