al-Kas (The Bowl Fountain)

al-Kas, from Arabic, meaning cup or bowl, is an ablution fountain located on the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) just in front of al-Aqsa mosque. It was first built in 709 by the Umayyads, but in 1327–28 Governor Tankiz enlarged it to accommodate more worshipers. Although originally supplied with water from Solomon's Pools near Bethlehem, it currently receives water from pipes connected to Jerusalem's water supply. In the 20th-century, al-Kas was installed with taps and stone seating.

circa 709 CE

al-Kas, looking northwards, in front of al-Aqsa at Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount), it is used for ablutions before salah. The mosque's main ablution fountain, known as al-Kas ("the Cup"), is located north of the mosque between it and the Dome of the Rock. It is used by worshipers to perform wudu, a ritual washing of the hands, arms, legs, feet, and face before entry into the mosque.

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