Habeel (Abel, son of Adam)

Abel (Habeel) and Qabeel (Cain) are believed to be the first two sons of Adam As and Hawwa As (Eve). Adam is a figure from the Book of Genesis, also mentioned in the New Testament, the Quran. According to Prophetic Calendar Abel was born in 5275 AM (3261 BCE).

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 5275 AM Biblical description of Abel An imagined portrait of Habeel (Abel) based on biblical description. N/A
c. A depiction of Qabil (Cain) burying Habil (Abel) A depiction of Qabil (Cain) burying Habil (Abel) from an illuminated manuscript version of Stories of the Prophets. N/A
c. Tomb of Abel (habil) The Mausoleum of Abel (son of Adam) is located in the outskirts of Damascus, Syria N/A
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