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Prophetic Calendar (Jewish Tradition)

Prophetic Calendar

Date Events Notes Reference
5th Century BCE
c. 4713 BCE Alpha (beginning)
c. 4613 BCE end 1st day creation (the evening and the morning) Jesus is elevated towards heavens
c. 70 CE Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus First destruction
2nd Century BCE
c. 250 CE Ashab-i Kahf Seven Sleepers
5th Century CE
c. 570 CE Abraha invades Hejaz, Aam ul-Fil, and destruction
c. 571 CE Prophet Muhammad is born
c. 586 CE Sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of First Temple First Temple was destroyed by Babylonians while sacking the city.
6th Century CE
c. 611 CE Declaration of prophethood by Muhammad pbuh
c. 611 CE First Revelation of Quran
c. 613 CE First Hijra towards Habsha (Axum)
c. 613 CE Prophet Muhammad's night journey
c. 624 CE Battle of Badr
c. 629 CE Khaybar is taken by Muslim Forces
c. 633 CE Death of Prophet Muhammad
c. 638 CE Capture of Jerusalem by Muslim forces During the caliphate of Hazrat Omar Ra
c. 691 CE Construction of Dome of Rock Construction by Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik
7th Century CE
c. 700 CE Rebuilding of al Aqsa by Abdul Malik Umayid caliph Abdul Malik started reconstruction of original al Aqsa, a small prayer hall.
c. 705 CE Completion/expansion of al Aqsa by Abdul Malik
8th Century CE
c. 890 CE Construction of Alhambra is started First construction
9th Century CE
c. 940 CE Abu al-Qasim is borm Known to the West as Albucasis
c. 980 CE Ibn-i Sina is borm Avicenna
10th Century CE
c. 1000 CE

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