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Mausoleum of Habil (Biblical Abel)

The tomb or mausoleum of Habil (biblical Abel,son of Adam), is located inside Masjid Nabi Habeel, near Damascus. The mosque is also believed to be a ritual site for the Islamic sect Druze.


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circa 1599 CE

Tomb of Abel (habil)

The dome over the purported grave of Habil. This mosque/mausoleum is believed to contain the grave of Abel (Arabic: "Habeel" ), son of biblical Adam as believed by Muslims, who are frequent visitors of this mosque for ziyarat. The mosque was built by Ottoman Wali Ahmad Pasha in 1599 CE, and it is said to have 40 mihrabs.

circa 1599 CE

Tomb of Abel (habil)

The purported grave of Habil, it is most probably just a cenotaph as real location of Abel's grave is extremely disputed. It is a 23-feet long sarcophagus covered with green silk tapestry inscribed with verses from the Qur'an, with some locals saying that this was the size of the world's builders, including Abel.


Tomb of Abel (habil)