Tomb of Nebi Akasha (Turbat el-Kameria)

The tomb of Ukasha ibn al-Mihsan (ضريح النبي عكاشة), a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad who settled in Jerusalem following the siege of Jerusalem in 637/38, was built in the 12th century CE. The 12th-century tomb of Nebi Akasha Bin Mohsin, is also known as Turbat el-Kameria. According to Islamic tradition, Saladin's soldiers were buried at the site; it became known as the “Tomb of the Martyrs”. Additions were made to the tomb by the Mamluks in the 13th-century.


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circa 1150 CE

The facade of the tomb building, it is located near small now defunt Nebi Akasha Mosque. There is also a tradition that Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were buried here, leading the British High Commissioner John Chancellor to name the nearby street as Street of the Prophets.

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