Tomb of Nabi Sawarka (Maqam-i Sheikh Suraqah)

The building probably dates back to the Memluk era, and is surrounded by Ottoman period cemetery.


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circa 10 BCE

The facade of the structure with some Hebrew graffiti, the main entrance to the structure lies to the east. It is a square structure with a shallow dome that sits on an hexagonal base was originally white. Current structure was rebuilt in 2011.

circa 10 BCE

Interior of the tomb with the cenotaph along the north wall, A. Peterson noted in his book in 1991 that the cenotaph was located along the west wall, it may have been moved during the renovations in 2011.

circa 10 BCE

The tomb of Sheikh Suraqah in the foreground with Mausoleum of bin Yamin (biblical Benjamin) in the background as seen in 1991 photograph by A. Peterson.

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