Banjamin's Tomb (Kfar Saba)

The Tomb of Benjamin also known as Maqam-i Bin Yamin is the traditional burial site of Benjamin according to Islam, but some Jews believe that this is the tomb of Benjamin and converted the Maqam (Muslim shrine) into a synagogue, in the other side of the bypass road there is also another Islamic shrine called "Nabi Sawarka".

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. The tomb complex with Turkish Sebil to the right, the tomb in the middle with blue dome and utility porches to the left.
c. The Tomb of Bin Yamin son of Yaqub (biblical Jacob) As in crica 1926.
c. The tomb of Sheikh Suraqah in the foreground with Mausoleum of bin Yamin (biblical Benjamin) in the background as seen in 1991 photograph by A. Peterson.
Latest Update: August 18, 2016