Tomb of Mujir ul-Din (Jerusalem)

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The tomb of Mujir al-Din is a mid-sixteenth century CE Muslim funerary-structure adjacent to the Mary's Tomb in Jerusalem. South to the exterior court of Mary's tomb, and adjacent to the bridge over the valley, is the tomb of a 15th C Jerusalem Judge, Mujir e-Din. He was the author of a book on Jerusalem and Hebron, published in 1495.

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circa 1522 CE

It is a free standing dome supported by four pillars joind by arches at the top. The curvature of it's gondola dome is aesthetically Islamic.

Mujir al-Din died in 1522 CE. He was buried at the base of the Mount of Olives just outside the walls of the Old City, a little to the north of the Church of Gethsemane and right in front of the Tomb of Mary.

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