Tomb of Lazarus

Identified in 4th century CE, this is the traditionally accepted location of the first tomb of Lazarus of Bethany, known as al-'Azaar (اﻠﻌزار) in Islamic tradition. Since the 16th century, the site of the tomb has been occupied by the al-Uzair Mosque built by Ottomans. Built in 1952-55 the Church of Saint Lazarus stands at the site of several much older churches.


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circa 100 CE

Present day entrance to the tomb, leads to the antechanmber. The original entrance to the tomb was inside a smaller 14th century mosque, later Ottomans built a larger al- uzair Mosque and the entrance was sealed subsequently. Present day entrance to the tomb was between 1566 and 1575 by Franciscan Order on the north side. A staircase leads to antechamber (3.35 m long by 2.20 m wide) where the original entrance can still be seen on the east wall.

circa 100 CE

The access staircase leading down to the antechamber

circa 100 CE

The antechamber, the original entrance in the eastern wall and the entrance to the burial chamber in the floor. Tradition also says that Jesus was standing in this antechamber when he called Lazarus from the grave. The four walls of the antechamber and the roof are a later addition.

circa 100 CE

Inside the burial chamber of the tomb, notice the absence of the burial berth or niche in the wall (where the body was laid to rest), a characteristic elemement of first century jewish tombs.

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