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Tomb of Hassan al-Raayi

The tomb of Hasan ar-Ra‘i (مقام حسن الرعيعي) is located several hundred meters south of Nebi Musa, on the side of the road, is the Makam Hassan er Ra'ai. The name means, place of prayer (Makam) dedicated to the Shepherd (Ra'ai) named Hassan. The structure is encloesd within a wall, has six arches on four sides and topped with two domes.


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circa 10 BCE

T. Canaan writes in his book on the Palestinian Muslim shrines, “Many a built maqam is an open sanctuary, where the walls of the roof rest on pillars. The best example of such a shrine is that of Hasan er-Ra'i, who was supposed to have been the shepherd of the prophet Moses. T. Canaan says, “Between the two northern vaults of the shrine of Hasan er-Ra‘i (near the Nebi Musa) we read: "Mohammed Pasha, the doer of good, has erected this blessed qubbeh on Hasan er-Ra‘i, God sanctify his secret, as he (the Pasha) was returning from welcoming the Mohammedan pilgrims.

circa 10 BCE

He proceeded in building but found no water. But because of his high zeal, God protect him, the water was brought to the place from the village of Jericho. Inside of a rectangular enclosure, built of stones and mortar, we see an elongated and vaulted roof which rests on six pillars, three to the north and three to the south. Between these pillars is the large tomb”. Now there is no this inscription there. The maqam's walls and columns have been plastered and painted a few times, and now they are covered with different inscriptions left by numerous pilgrims and tourists.


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