Shah Burj Quadrangle

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The Shah Burj Chaharbagh (شاہ برج چہار باغ), literally meaning the "quadrangle garden of emperor's tower", also known as the Shish Mehal Chaharbagh (شیش محل چہار باغ), meaning the quadrangle garden of the pavilion of mirrors, is a Mughal era archaeological site inside the Lahore Fort.

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It stands at the northwest corner of Lahore Fort. Built by Shah Jahan in 1632, it served as the residence of the Empress when she visited Lahore. Largely spared the damage and abuse that other areas of the fort suffered during the British Occupation and Sikh period, it remains the grandest and most opulent reminder of Mughal splendor in Lahore today.


circa 1628 CE

Nau Lakha Pavilion

circa 1628 CE

Shish Mehal Pavilion

circa 1628 CE

Aath Darra

circa 1628 CE

Reception Court and Entrance to the Shah Burj Quadrangle

circa 1628 CE

Hamam Annex

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