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The Pompeii in Pictures is a website dedicated to collect and present the archaeological strucutres with pictures and a brief description. Pompeii in Pictures stands out for its vast repository of images, covering nearly every corner of the ancient city. The photographs are meticulously categorized by location, such as houses, shops, public buildings, and streets, making it easy for users to find specific areas of interest. Each image is accompanied by detailed descriptions, providing context and historical background, which enhances the learning experience.

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The images on the Pompeiiinpictures website correspond to the numbers on the doorways and the Pompeii Plan of Excavations (Author Dr. Ing. Hans Eschebach), which is available for purchase for 11 euros at the bookshops near the ticket offices in Pompeii.

Each property—whether it's a house, caupona, workshop, shop, tomb, sepolcri, villa, gate, or tower—has its own dedicated webpage based on the standard regio . insula . house number system used for the Pompeii excavations, such as IX.11.1.

The regio . insula . house numbers provided on each webpage or plan correspond to the numbers found on the doorways, on the plan, and onsite. With our collection of 80,000 photographs, we've meticulously compared images of the numbers, the properties adjacent to or behind them, and matched the edges of the photographs. We believe that the pages featuring house-numbered photographs are a highly accurate record of what is on the ground. Occasionally, there may be some challenges where one house merges into another with no easily visible boundary.

House names have been sourced from various references, leading to some discrepancies. The same house may have multiple names, or it might have been renamed or referred to by different names, both accurately and inaccurately, over the past few centuries. Please note that not all houses have names.

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The "Pompeii in Pictures" has a separate and dedicated section for the presentation of archaeological information regarding the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum. Herculaneum.uk is a comprehensive website dedicated to the ancient city of Herculaneum. It provides extensive photographic documentation and information about the site, including detailed images and descriptions of various insulas, theatres, villas and other significant archaeological structures within the Roman period Herculaneum. The site also features an index of people and places, as well as maps and plans of the excavation areas, offering valuable resources for those interested in the history and archaeology of ancient Herculaneum.


The specific section on Stabiae provides an in-depth visual and descriptive documentation of the archaeological findings in this lesser-known site. This article analyzes the website's content, usability, and overall contribution to the field of archaeology and education.



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