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The Theban Mapping Project was an archaeological expedition devoted to Ancient Egypt. It was established in 1978 by the Egyptologist Dr. Kent R. Weeks at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1985, it was moved to the American University in Cairo. The Project's original goal was to create an archaeological map of the Valley of the Kings, and that was published as the Atlas of the Valley of the Kings in 2000.

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Since its inception in 1978, the Theban Mapping Project (TMP, now based at the American University in Cairo) has been working to prepare a comprehensive archaeological database of Thebes. With its thousands of tombs and temples, Thebes is one of the world's most important archaeological zones. Sadly, however, it has not fared well over the years. Treasure-hunters and curio-seekers plundered it in the past; pollution, rising ground water, and mass-tourism threaten it in the present. Even early archaeologists destroyed valuable information in their search for museum-quality pieces. Since 2001, the Project has also developed a management plan for the Valley of the Kings, which is funded by the World Monuments Fund.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create a complete digital atlas of the Valley of the Kings, including all known tombs and monuments. The Theban Mapping Project is an important example of how modern technology and scientific techniques can be used to document and preserve the rich cultural heritage of ancient civilizations. By creating accurate and detailed maps of the Valley of the Kings and other key sites in Thebes, the project is helping to ensure that this important cultural heritage will be preserved for future.

Theban Mapping Project

Atlas of the Valley of the Kings


An interactive atlas and database of information about each tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The Atlas comprises of more than 2000 images, maps and models.

Atlas of the Theban Necropolis


Explore the entire archaeological zone through this giant aerial photograph. Zoom in to see individual architectural details of temples and palaces as well as the topography of the area. Mouse over sites to get additional information about them.

Project Resources


Egyptian Timeline
A brief overview of the ancient Egyptian timeline on the Theban Mapping Project from the Predynastic and Prehistoric era (pre-3100 BCE) till the Byzantine times (circa 641 CE).

Theban Mapping Project Website


The website of the Theban Mapping Project has been made live.

The project website was not online for several years due to lack of finances. With new funds having been made available by the American Research Center in Egypt it is expect to be online again sometime during 2020 and to have new features and data.

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