Nahr Rubin Bridge (Yibna Bridge)

Two major roads crossed the Sorek stream (Arabic: "Nahr Rubin") near Yavne: a northwestern road to the port city of Yafo (Joppa), and a northeastern road via Aphek (Antipatris) to Syria and Mesopotamia. The latter road was the main coastal road, and in order to support the traffic through this important road, a bridge was constructed over the stream during the beginning of the Mamluke period (end of the 13th C).

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 1273 CE 48 metres (157 ft) long, and 11.5 metres (38 ft) wide, comprised of three arches, two central piers with triangular upstream-facing cutwaters.
c. 1273 CE The downstream-facing side of the bridge.
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